River Marked - Patricia Briggs

River Marked by Patricia Briggs




January 2011
326p (Paperback)


Urban Fantasy


Overall I am going to have to say that this is my least favourite book in the series so far. I got to a part in this story right before the main climax in the story that made it hard for me to carry on and enjoy this. With that being said though, I still love this story Patricia Briggs has created. 


This story only predominantly features our favourite couple Mercy and Adam during their honeymoon. I commend Patricia Briggs for not dragging the wedding on, we read 4 other books of slow foreplay before Adam and Mercy became a couple, so it was refreshing to see that come to play at the beginning of the book before the plot was introduced. This book is definitely more romance orientated than the others in the series. One feature I feel the book could have benefited from would be a sex scene. I don't think it even needed to be explicit, but if you have read this book you might understand why I say this.


I loved seeing Mercy and Adam being in nearly every scene together. Usually we are given Mercy as a strong, level-headed heroine who is independent and don't need no man. This is still true within this story, she doesn't just submit to Adam, but she is more willing to take into account that she is in a relationship now and has another person feelings to consider. There are a lot of one liner/paragraph long of cute moments between the two that made me squeal with happiness. Although I had firm love for this relationship before this book, I have now become PROUD of it too. 


We learn a lot about Mercy’s heritage and are presented with the details of Old Joe and her mother. At times I found these parts to be slow and would have to go back and re-read these because I wasn't taking the information in. It was during this section in the middle of the book where I would take any excuse to put this book down. It became to the point where I would read a sentence or two and then stop reading. But once I picked the book back up, I read it all in one sitting. While I did enjoy the ending of the book once I read it, it was tarnished by the middle section and I couldn't get engrossed as much as I usually did with these books.


I love this series for the amazing dynamics Patricia Briggs has created within the pack. The wolves and their politics, while annoyed at time, are a strong part of this series as a whole and you miss that in this book. That being said, I did enjoy seeing Mercy and Adam in love and happy. 


With Adam and Mercy being removed from this setting and apart their cutesy moments, this book fell flat.